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Wine & Write

Hey Writer Friends,

Friday was my last Wine & Write for 2020. It certainly went out with a bang! LOL. I came across a wine 19 Crimes- and decided to introduce it during this segment. I sipped on 19 Crimes Red Blend. Although I am not a fan of red wine, I will definitely use another 19 Crimes wine in 2021 during my Wine & Write. Give it a try.

Before I get into my post today, I want to shout out a few people. My support group

Key and Chy - When I tell you guys no matter what I needed this year getting my business off the ground, these two gave me everything and more! They never grunted about it. Well, maybe a little LOL! But they got it done.

T. Jr. and Shay - My cheering squad – I can always count on ya’ll to make me smile, even when I don’t want to do so.

My BF stepped up and became not only my support but an inspiration. Promise One, you can do anything you put your mind to. Go for it! I am your cheering squad too!

Na and Nadine stepping in at the last minute, every time I called, lol, and not telling me to go jump in the river ha! ha! Trust me ya’ll when I say I called on them at the last minute I mean it and they never let me down.

My senior crew – These two women have supported me from day one and have never wavered in it. Mommy and Aunty ya'll got it going on!

Troy! You held it down as always and allowed me to take the time I needed to bring this thing here to fruition, and not once did you complain of it being a burden. Support like that is rare, and I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Writing this blog now and looking back over this year got me to thinking… although it was an extraordinarily tough year, I am truly blessed.

I challenge all of you to take a moment and look back & write a note to those in your support group and see if you won’t realize just how blessed you are too!

If you missed any of the write-ins, you can catch them on YouTube. Click below.

I will see you all on January 8th, 2021 when we resume our Wine & Write. Please join the forum and leave comments on works shared! Don't be afraid to share your work too! CandidlyEL is a place for writers to connect and cheer one another on! I will see you on IG, FB, Twitter, and the such lol!


Until next year!

My writer friends,

Stay Curious!


In the last couple of Wine & Write-ins, I shared ways to get paid for your art. Although I listed them during our time on the Wine & Write-ins, I want to make sure everyone has access to the information. I categorize them by – High Prestige (HP), Prestige (P), Good Writes (GW) Just Writes (JW), and thumbs down 👎 The categories are based on the level of difficulty in acceptance, payment, accolades you will receive because you published with the mag/site and genre/styles allowed.

Key = WD # Word count, DL= Deadline, $ = Payment, Fee, NF (No Fee)

New Yorker – (HP)

Standard short fiction/ humourous – Shouts and Murmurs section

WD # - 600/1000


Also, accept – poetry & cartoons

DL – Open $ - unspecified


*Pre-assigned 1st line*

WD# 300 -5000


DL – 2/1 Spring, 8/1 Autumn, 5/1 Summer & 11/1 Winter $ - up to $50. Fic/$ 25 Non-Fic

**Spring 2021 Pre-assigned line - Darryl slid three quarters into the vending machine and weighed his options.

Wide Variety – essays, fiction, book reviews & topics

Fee - $3 for non-subscribers

DL – Open Aug 15 $ $50. Per printed pg, 1 yr subscription & ½ price on add’l copies.

Story (GW)

Tri-annually (Feb, June & Nov)

Flash Fic – Novellas * Unpublished material only

Fee - $3

DL – Open $10 Per page

Genre – Sci-fi/Fantasy, but open to other genres (No Non-fic. Poetry, erotica, or violence

Character-based/resolved plots

WD # - 500/1000


Will accept previously published work. (GW)

DL – Open $ - $80 for original fiction (8c/word at minimum) and 2c/word for reprints.


DL – Open $ - Unsolicited submissions are generally unpaid.



WD # - Short story max 4000, Table Talk 1000 Max


DL -Jan – June $ $400. S $200 TT

** Less experienced/unpublished writers

Prose (fic/non-fic) No – Sci-fi, erotica, westerns, horror, romance, children lit

Poetry (up to 200 lines – No light poetry)

WD # - up to 8000

Fee - $3

DL – Open 11/1 – 5/1 $100 - 300

Sci/Fi & Fantasy

Multiple submission max @ 2

DL – March 5 – 31

Fee - $3

WD # 1000-6000, Flash 250 -500 $ $50 Per short & 25 non-fic


Finally writer friends over the holidays I want you to break the rules in writing!

Try these 5

1. Give away the ending! Shake up your story & great for a plot twist.

2. Create a repulsive protagonist – someone we all love to hate!

3. Use a unique/distinctive narrative voice – Tell don’t show!

4. Write for yourself! What stories have you ever wanted to read? Write it.

5. Don’t write every day! Create a routine – stick to it & write to your heart’s content.

Check out the last Wine & Write on youtube for details on Breaking the Rules!

See you in the New Year!


Stay Curious!

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