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Clear the Clutter & Write like a Winner

I don't know about y'all, but if my life is cluttered, I can't write. I sit at my computer for hours staring at a blank screen, or I find other tasks to do to avoid writing. I must feel at peace when I sit down to write.

In the last two days, I avoided writing and lost valuable time on my goal this summer - 50K for July's Camp NaNoWriMo. I wrote a little over 3000 words in four days, but at this point I should have at least 6,500 words written.

This morning, I got up bright and early and decided to do some things to clear the clutter. I meditated, stretched and walked 3 miles. I also cleaned my writing area, drank a cup of tea, and turned on upbeat instrumental music.

Below are some ideas to help you declutter your mental space and free it up for all the little wordies begging to come in.

Meditate - This is my favorite, because there are times when my mind is literally running so fast that it becomes difficult to concentrate. I often use it to get in touch with what is bothering me.

Be okay with saying no. - This is a difficult thing for me, but I am getting better at it. I can't do everything, it's exhausting, and frankly, people don't appreciate the effort half the time.

Do more of what makes you happy - again, another tough one for me, because I am a people pleaser. The fact is that no one should abandon their own joy for the pleasure of another. If you can't find joy in doing for someone - shit, then don't.

Exercise- Yes! Exercise produces endorphins, dopamines and serotonin. These little buggers can work a miracle and declutter your mental space. When I'm sleepy or sad - exercise always peps me up. I often find that after working out, I am energized and like a raging river new ideas flow into me.

Finally, let go - I know you see me writing that often, but it's true - holding on to emotional baggage is draining. Although it is difficult to let go, the truth is that one cannot change the past, so stop beating yourself up and move on.

Declutter your mental space and watch the words flow!

Anyhoo! Those are my thoughts for today, now on to catch some wordies!


Stay Curious!

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