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There are two significant times in our adult lives where we face transitions. The first is when we become adults. Often, that is during college or our 1st foray into working life and independence. During those moments we plan and move with fortitude into our careers. The second is when we consider our past and accomplishments or lack thereof and begin having an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence. Seriously, nothing will make you feel old than waking up one morning and realizing what was once cool is not, seeing that 1st gray hair, or hearing your favorite song playing on the oldies but goodies radio station. Anything that screams “old” is met with disdain or fear. What follows is an evaluation of achievements, intentions, and dreams against what we planned for as young people. This examination brings about hopelessness, feelings of being in a rut, and a struggle to find a balance. Fortunately, only about 10% of the U.S. population has a legitimate, identifiable midlife crisis. Most of us work through this phase with a little effort, and others grow older easily because they’ve dedicated their lives to fulfilling their aspirations and ambitions. Based on USA population figures for 2018, there are approximately 86 million working adults up to age 64. This means 8.6 million will go through a legitimate midlife crisis this year. With that many people struggling with identity and confidence, perhaps we should look at this moment as a transition rather than a dilemma. We need not run out and break the bank buying high ticketed toys, becoming irritable or angry without justification, obsessing over our appearances, having affairs, trying to recapture our youth, and disconnecting from our original friends or battling bouts of depression. We should consider this change as a normal part of life and embrace it as an opportunity for growth. I suppose I saw the 1st signs of it about three years ago. I’m stubborn, so I refused to acknowledge it. However, each year became increasingly more difficult to ignore the anger I felt at not accomplishing my dream. It's decision time. Either I stay in this place and accept my lack of achievements or take the necessary steps to transform my life. This season I will transition and I am taking all of you along for the ride. I refuse to go it alone, LOL! Welcome to Candidlyel’s blog! Let’s get started!

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