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Bare Trees

My garden is bare, and the limbs of the trees hang low with exhaustion. Those trees are standing strong against the winter storms, but they bear no fruit. If I am complacent, my spring will not come. Nature, however, is constant. Time will continue to move and life will continue to pass. If my actions stifle my spring, that’s on me. If you are like me, and you are looking at your career and you're not happy. You must sit down and design a plan of escape. Make sure it is implementable. Once you have that plan intact, the only thing left to do is to move forward. In my last post, I stated, “don’t quit your day job unless you can do so… at our age, you don’t walk away from security” We have bills to pay.

If you think your day job is hindering you from pursuing the “dream”, work at putting yourself in a position that will allow movement. That’s where I am now. I am building a reasonable budget that will see my family and me through the time I plan on taking off from teaching. I have decided not to walk away from education, but to take a respite. One or two years and jump wholeheartedly into writing. During my time away from education, I will build a career in writing, with intention. I’ve devised a workable plan for myself. I am building a blog and writing daily. I’ve joined a critique group, attend workshops, and registered for a few classes to enhance my writing and learn how to market. Those are a few ways I am putting in the work for the change I want to make!

Now, what about you? Are you in winter? If so, what’s your aim. Are you ready to leap into spring? What’s your plan of action, is it implementable, have you checked your finances? Can you put your plan into action now? What must you do to leap into your spring season?

Stay Curious!

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