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Writer's Block

My level of stress is so high! I am trying to stay focused on writing, but it’s difficult. Crazy. Christmas is coming, and I am not in a celebratory mood. Honestly, celebrating the holiday hasn’t been the same since my children got older. Also, I am having powerful feelings about the holiday that I am trying to work through. Probably have something to do with how I am viewing the current state of Christianity. But this battle is mine, and since I am not sure how I am feeling, I will leave that for another time. Ok, so writing - I have done little this month. I am working on a children’s book, but I have put little effort into it. Seems like every time I sit down to work, I find something else to do. The thing about writing is - it is not always pleasant to work. I don’t find it pleasant at all unless it’s flowing. That’s exciting! What I also enjoy is the ending result. The finished product. I will have to get into a writing routine to complete it. On another note, I am opening up an additional piece on my website, to share short stories, poetry, etc. I am excited about it. I will share short stories I enjoy–titles and authors only unless I have the approval to place it online. It will be an open forum for everyone to read, enjoy, comment, etc. The poetry will run the same way. Hopefully, it will work out great. I think sharing other writers’ work is a way to get their work out too. A great discussion on a piece always rejuvenates me.

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