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Multi POVs or Nah!

Writer friends, I recently discussed with my critique group, "POV" (point of view), which led me to Google. I wanted to see if I could find other writers' thoughts on this issue. But, of course, ya'll know what a Google search like that would present.

Too many ideas- SMH. I settled on this post – "Multiple points of view: Benefits, pitfalls, and uses."

There are many staunch believers in telling the story through the lens of one POV. However, some group members believe it is problematic to read a story with more than one POV. But this year, I have read many wonderful stories with several POVs. I also wrote my last NaNoWriMo text in this style. Am I wrong?

I think a piece of art - in its telling, an author must express the story as it plays in his mind. I think it's a disservice for any writer to lock their art into a box. "Famous authors only use multiple POVs," I was told. Although it was said as a joke, it was a rebuke. I suppose many people believe it. The bottom line is – I would like your opinions on the matter. Multiple POVs or Nah!

Let me know what you think.

And as always, Stay Curious!

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